P8 Quality Inspector (2)

The purpose of this position is to build production cable wire and harness assemblies to the customer specifications and requirements. The production operator will have the responsibility to provide a quality product within the set time standards for the product or any step of the product production as needed. The goal of all operators is to strive to eliminate waste, provide a stable workflow, assist in process improvements, provide input to training needs through evaluation and understanding of defect and process improvement data and to monitor work to insure that a quality product is produced 100% of the time through teamwork. For teamwork, quality production and production schedules to be met it is primary that all employees meet the attendance, productivity and quality work requirements as well as adhere to all of KMM policies and procedures.

Perform all tasks involved in the production of KMM’s cable and harness products. This includes but is not limited to the duties and responsibilities listed below.

Each step is dependent upon what part of the process an operator is working on and may vary slightly from program to program.
1. Read and follow production processes and instructions;
a. Steps in the production processes can change depending on what product is being produced, what revision the customer is requiring, changes due to process improvements, etc. The ability to read and follow instructions is critical to this position as well as the attention to detail and checking work for accuracy.
2. Lifts production kits, wire bundles and/or wire and move to appropriate destination as designated by the process steps.
3. Cuts, strips, crimps, or otherwise assemble the materials using required tooling
a. Required tooling may be hand tools, pneumatic hand or foot operated tooling or other automated devises.
4. Distinguishes colors – Certain processes may require the ability to distinguish color codes for proper identification of wire and other materials needed in the production process. Any employee that is unable to distinguish colors they must notify their supervisor so assessment and accommodation if necessary can be made.
5. The ability to read .37M from the Graham-Field vision chart to be able to identify various labels, wire marking, part identifications etc, in the production process
6. Depending on the facility and product requirements the process step may require the placement of finished goods into correct packages and boxes in preparation for shipment.
7. Have the ability to read and understand product requirements and customer specifications and be able to evaluate any mechanical or material issues that need correction brought to the attention of the operators team lead, supervisor, quality department and/or engineering for correction or further investigation
8. Have the ability to read and understand information relating to usage, personal protective devises, safe labeling, proper handling and proper disposal of any chemical used in the production process being performed.
9. Maintains a clean and safe work area and practices the 5S + Safety requirements and follow all safety requirements. Learns and retains information relating to chemical usage, handling and disposal.
10. Participates and demonstrates understanding of Lean Manufacturing and the importance of process improvements.
11. The ability to work overtime and flexible schedule as needed to meet the customer delivery schedule.
12. Attend required trainings and meet the competency requirements as defined by KMM and customer requirements.
13. Must consistently meet quality and productivity requirements.
14. This individual has the responsibility and authority to carry out assigned tasks
15. Performs other related duties and assignments as required.
16. All Production workers are expected to be available to work in all steps and processes of the production process.


Shift Day
Hours 40+
Location Dickinson
Duration Permanent
Salary & Benefits
Salary Range $16 hr
Comments N/A
Benefits Medical, vision, dental and 401K
Testing All required testing will be administered by KMM on or before hiring/employment
Education 1. KMM skill assessments (reading comprehension and dexterity) will be required for this position; minimum standards (scores) will be established at the time of the opening and will be based on current labor availability and staffing needs. 2. Employees are expected to be able to pass all external and internal required training within a reasonable amount of time and be able to perform the job functions within efficiency and good quality work. Employees are expected to take advantage of ongoing trainings that are provided. 3. The position requires a high degree of manual dexterity in order to handle small objects. 4. Basic math skills are required – Basic math skills is defined as the ability to perform simple multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and measurements depending on the process step requirement. 5. Reading comprehension – the ability to understand what has been read and follow the instructions is a critical function. Following processes and instructions ensures consistency in the production process. 6. Due to production schedules this position will require that the operator demonstrate reliability to meet attendance, product quality and productivity standards. 7. The employee is able to communicate (verbally and written) fluently in the English language. 8. Must be able to work in a team oriented environment.
License N/A – However, employee must have the means to arrive to work on time daily.
Minimun Age 18
Resume  Resume Required



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