Our History

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, is a company committed to excelling in realms of our operations as well as commitment to community, country, and family.  A cornerstone principle for our company is responsiveness to customers. This responsiveness has opened many doors for KMM on world-class platforms in support of our military and commercial aerospace.

Our Mission

Develop a company-wide environment that promotes the development of an attitude of excellence that satisfies supplier, co-worker, and customer needs the first time.

Our Vision

Create and sustain a meaningful, empowering, and safe work environment that encourages individual ownership to continually improve one’s work while doing the work.

Commitment to a Quality Product

Commitment to a Quality Product Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing’s Quality Management System is in compliance with the latest aerospace industry standards. KMM is certified to: AS9100D with ISO9001-2015 – Certification 3Z071-AS15.  Issue Date 07-SEP-2023, Expiration Date 06-SEP-2026. KMM is audited for conformance at regular intervals by NSF International Strategic Registrations. Certificates are registered with IAQG-OASIS.

History of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Don Hedger, founder of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, a Tier 1 manufacturing company with four southwest North Dakota locations, is dedicated to creating job opportunities in Western North Dakota since 1987. KMM, is a leading manufacturer of electronic components for military and aerospace industries.


Why Choose KMM

Our continued focus on delivering quality products with game-changing manufacturing innovations, rooted in leadership and driven by family values- KMM, is a prime aerospace cable and SMT manufacturer.

  • 1. Dedication to Our Product
    Our dedication to our products extends further than our manufacturing processes. We value quality and integrity, as we work to achieve complete customer satisfaction through responsible diligent procedures and outstanding leadership.
  • 2. The Perfect Fit
    With KMM, is not just another company, you’re partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed your manufacturing needs. We provide practical manufacturing grounded in years of successful application and experience.
  • 3. Proven Experience
    Throughout our many years of manufacturing we have fine tuned the process of producing electronic manufacturing and assembly that includes cables, harnesses, connectors and SMT boards.
  • 4. Exclusive Industry Knowledge
    We use the latest technology and ongoing manufacturing improvements that allow us to provide cutting-edge assembling  and deliver a quality product.
  • 5. Cost Benefits
    KMM, has a better approach to ensure we are producing a quality product while keeping our production costs low and pass the savings onto our customers.
  • 6. Awarded and Decorated
    Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, has been recognized and awarded for outstanding manufacturing including innovation, community impact, research and development, leadership and so much more.


Strategic Approach

A major benefit of working with KMM, we know and understand how to launch full contract fulfillment with proven strategy. Within different stages to your needs, we take all our cross-channel integration into account for each client and develop programs that work in sync to gain your business with the best ROI results possible.